Kompetisi TechConnect Sandbox 2023

Calling all tech-innovators! 📢


TechConnect Sandbox 2023 telah dibuka! Kami tantang kamu beserta tim untuk berkompetisi, berkarya, dan memanifestasikan ide juga inovasi terbaik dalam dunia teknologi dan pengembangan produk digital.


Daftar sekarang via https://sandbox.techconnect.co.id/


Jangan tunggu nanti, kami tunggu karya inovasimu, sekarang! 💫


Ikuti dan pantau terus Instagram @sinarmas_mining

serta Telegram https://t.me/CoTechbyTechConnect untuk informasi selanjutnya.


UPDATE for TechConnect Sandbox ‼


Competition categories have been updated from 6 to 8 and renamed for clarity. Here are the updated categories:


  1. New Web Feature for Product Development Research
  2. Metaverse-based Application for New Hire Onboarding
  3. Wellness Application For Employee Health & Wellbeing
  4. Metaverse-based Company Website
  5. New Feature for Peer-to-Peer Recognition (360 Feedback)
  6. Team Collaboration Tool for Day-to-Day Project Management
  7. New Feature for Game-based Assessment Platform
  8. A Game-based Employee Experience Platform


Read up in the following slides for details on each category. With so many different categories, we’re looking forward to seeing the innovative teams who are ready to meet our challenges!


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For more information, contact the following CP:

Anastasia +62 899-8956-725

Kika +62 877-8195-8900


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